Jerky and Jerky Culture

For centuries or perhaps even millennia, dried meat has been a life sustaining food staple all over the world.

Jerky, the simple, protein-packed product has evolved over time. According to an Ezine @rticle by Tommy Stabosz, it was first introduced in Peru in the 16th century. The product “Ch’arki” was whole muscle meat (usually deer, elk or buffalo) sliced into thin strips and rubbed with salt. Later it was either sun dried or smoked over fires.

When other indigenous groups were introduced to the term “charqui” their accents only changed it’s pronunciation slightly and the word “jerky” came to be.

In the wild west, jerked meat was a common staple as well. Again, the whole muscle meat of deer, elk and buffalo, as well as other domesticated animals was sun dried for several days or smoked by building a scaffold over a slow fire to dry the meat. The latter method become more common when awareness of disease and germs became more prevalent.

Today, jerky has become a delicious, lightweight snack, which is very popular for backpackers, hunters and fishers on their excursions into the great outdoors. Without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable aspects of harvesting game is producing our own jerky, salami, pepperoni and so on.

I recently tried some new (and delicious) flavor combinations for beef jerky from and wanted to share them with you...

Finally, some beef jerky with an attitude. Sweet & Spicy MANGO Beef Jerky. If you crave a spicy treat with a hint of sweet mango fruitiness, give this one a try. Enjoy the sweet flavors of mango, combined with a spicy kick of tasty ingredients that will have you contemplating it’s flavor time and time again.

The Sweet and Spicy ORANGE Beef Jerky is a little more subdued in the “spicy arena” but, it’s tangy orange flavor is perfectly balanced with the fresh spices that you will want more and more of, until it all disappears. At least that’s what happened when I opened up the package. This one was my personal favorite.

Check them both out at this link: Spencers Jerky.

These really are good, quality products made of slices of whole muscle meat and other wholesome ingredients, endorsed by yours truly - nimrod243.

Jerky and the jerky culture really has evolved from centuries ago, when dried meat was simply a life sustaining food staple. In the 21st century it has become a delicacy. Those of us who reminisce fondly of jerky, jerky culture and it‘s role in our national heritage, wouldn’t think of going without it.

So, don‘t forget, when planing and preparing for your next excursion, when you are needing a quick, delicious snack to throw into your day pack, order a supply of these favorite Beef Jerky products. They will be in your mailbox before your mouth stops watering. Oh, and if you want selection, you will not be disappointed. For example, check out their Turkey Jerky!

Happy Hunting and Tight Lines!

Note: This is not a paid advertisement.


  1. Inspireing me to fire up the smoker and throw in a batch of beer n soy venison jerky..

  2. Hmmm haven't tried that one. Sounds interesting.


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