New Members Feature!

I have been working on a project recently that I am really excited to tell you about. In fact, I can't wait any longer!

You may have noticed the new Members tab at the top of our home page. This a link to our powerful new networking feature.

When you click on the Members tab you will be taken to a Sign Up window (unless you are already a member- in this case just click on Sign in in the upper right hand corner of that window).

On the Sign Up page, just enter your email address, password, date of birth and type in the Captcha in it's corresponding box. Follow a couple of more prompts and you are into the network.

Your email address will only be used by My Hunting & Fishing to communicate with you. For example, when someone posts a comment on your profile, or when a network announcement is sent, you will receive an email from My Hunting & Fishing.

You can change the settings in your profile to indicate what emails you would like to receive from My Hunting & Fishing at any time. You can also turn off all email notices completely. (Though you probably will not want to do this, as it could lead to your missing out on some exciting opportunities).

Once inside the network, you will find a welcome message, activity feed and thumbnails of photos and videos recently added.

Along the top of the screen you will find links to:
  • Activity - This is basically the network homepage. Note: If you click on Home, it will take you to the My Hunting & Fishing homepage.
  • Profile - which you can customize to your liking with different features and background images, etc. To change your privacy settings. Go to the Profile page, click on the Settings option in the upper right-hand sidebar. Then click on Privacy. Here you can specify what and with whom you would like to share your information, photos, comments, etc. For example if you don't want your status updates, photos, or videos to been seen by people you don't know, you can specify that here.
  • Invite - which will help you invite all your friends in your email address book, or you can enter emails manually; wouldn't we want all of our hunting and fishing friends to know about this?
  • Forum - You have all probably been on a forum from time to time. This is a neat way to share information or ask questions of the community. Right now we have one discussion going about Biggest Bucks. You can add a picture of your biggest buck (or any other nice one you've harvested) and check out some of the other pictures and comments posted. Another example would be, if you have a question about whether you should buy one caliber rifle over another, or one brand of fly rod over another, you could pose the question to our community in a new forum discussion.
  • Chat - Every now and then, take a look and see who is online and strike up a conversation. You never know what kind of hunting and fishing information or opportunities you may gain by using this feature.
  • Groups - Hopefully, as our online network grows, we will have a bigger and bigger need to create more groups. You will notice that we have an Oregon Hunting & Fishing group started at this time. I know we have a few people from different states. It wouldn't be a bad idea for you to start your own group and invite your friends from your local area. People from Oregon, sign up for the Oregon Hunting and Fishing group!
  • Photos - This is a page with all the photos that have been shared publicly by the members.
  • Videos - Here you can post your videos for everyone to see as well. You can go to You Tube, Hulu, or Vimeo, copy the embed code and paste the code into the videos page to share it with everyone. There are specific instructions for each site on the bottom of the Videos page.

Another thing that I wanted to point out is our integration with Facebook and Twitter. If you check the little boxes next to the name of each respective service (found below the status update box), you will be able to sign in to your accounts and any status updates you make at My Hunting & Fishing will also show up on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

So that's a little bit about our new network. It's pretty cool! What's going to make it even cooler is when all of you start adding your comments, photos, experiences, etc.

From the first day I started My Hunting & Fishing I wanted to make it about more than just Brigham Brewer's Hunting & Fishing. I wanted everyone else to be able to share their hunting and fishing experiences. 

My vision is that, when you are talking to your hunting and fishing buddies, you will refer to My Hunting & Fishing as if you were talking about your own site, because it is yours. This Members feature gets us one step closer to accomplishing that goal. 

I am working on some exciting ideas to give you more incentives to share your hunting and fishing experiences at My Hunting & Fishing. I may be adding more features in the future as well, such as Blogs, Birthdays, Events, Leaderboards, classified ads, etc. 

So, Sign Up, get yourself a free profile going and stay tuned.

I hope you will be anxious to share the experiences you've had (and will have) in the field and on the water with us on the new network. Hopefully this new way to share will lead us to living richer lives.

Please Sign Up today!

~Brigham Brewer

Tight Lines and Happy Hunting!

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  1. One other thing I meant to put in my post, but I'll just add it here.
    When you are creating your member profile, you don't have to use your real name. You can use a nickname or just a first name, or whatever.
    Please post comments with any concerns you have.


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