Oregon Controlled Hunt Results

2009 Oregon Controlled Hunt Draw Results are in! Click here to verify your results. (you will need your hunting licence number to obtain your results).

Nimrod 243 was drawn for...
SILVER LAKE UNIT (#176 )...ONE BUCK DEER HAVING A VISIBLE ANTLER Season Date: Oct 03, 2009- Oct 14, 2009


WEST MCKENZIE (#619 )... ONE ANTLERLESS DEER   Season Date: Oct 24, 2009- Nov 06, 2009

Happy Hunting! - nimrod243


  1. Hey Buddy, This is Houston from down AZ way, nice draw on the mulie tag, shoot a monster.
    Cool stories and even to see J's mug with his steelhead, nice job. Shoot some biguns this year.

  2. Hey Houston! It's great to hear from you. From what I have heard from Jared, you are quite the hunter yourself! I have seen some of your pictures and a video of you killig a big bull elk with a bow. If you ever want to share any of those photos, videos or stories, please send them my way and I will post them here for you.


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