Fish Your Local Mud Hole with Panther Martins

I went out and fished at the local mud hole last evening (Freeway Lakes, near Albany Oregon) with a couple of Panther Martin spinners. I used a larger spinner that had rainbow trout colors on it. I hooked about five fish. One was a pretty good sized bass (I think) that was only on for a second.

          Yes, I am the master of the "self picture"!

On my way down the trail back to my car, I stopped and talked to a guy named Chris, who was fishing for bass with a popper. We ended up talking for about 20 minutes and he showed me a picture of the bass that he caught a couple days ago that weighed 5 lbs. 11 oz. He also give me a lot of good information about bass fishing that I appreciated.

It's time for me to get into bass fishing! It looks like a lot of fun! And the best thing about it is that I could catch some nice fish very close to my house.

On a side note, I went over to Troutrageous! today and they have a contest for some Hobie Polarized Sunglasses. Check it out here! I’m in dire need of some polarized sunglasses, so I am doing the best I can to win.

Here are some pictures of the pond and surrounding foliage. Enjoy!

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Tight Lines!

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  1. Panther Martin's are a great spinner to use for a lot of different fish. Glad to see you get some Bass action. Let us know how your Bass fishing experiences come along.


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