Blacktail Antler Pens For Your Hunting Stories

In cooperation with S-Man Pens and Antlers, we'd like to do a special giveaway for the first four previously unpublished hunting stories, with a photo of the trophy harvested, submitted to our updated Share My Story page.

S-Man Pens and Antlers is offering four (4) beautiful Blacktail Antler Ink Pens for this giveaway.

The way this giveaway is going to work is "first come first served". The first four people (Members of My Hunting & Fishing or not) to submit an approved story with photo will be shipped a blacktail antler pen from S-Man Pens and Antler's current inventory.

Please make the story between approximately 500 - 1,500 words with at least one quality photo of you and your trophy, or of just the trophy itself.

S-Man also has several other items in stock that you might find interesting, especially if you are a crafty kind of guy or gal. You can find antlers cut just the right size for knife handles, antler tip key chains, beautiful wooden pens, deer hides, and more!

These items would make excellent Christmas gifts or stocking-stuffers from Santa!

Please check out the S-Man Pens and Antlers Shop and help support those that support My Hunting & Fishing!

Thanks and Happy Writing!

Brigham Brewer

Note: Please see our Share My Story page for more details on requirements for your submission. Also, the Share My Story page may not work well with Google Chrome, so if you would like, you can submit the story and photo by email to

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