E.E. Wilson Opening Week

Went to E.E. Wilson Pond on Saturday Morning with my son. We heard that it had been stocked pretty heavily for opening weekend (February 1st). I had hopes of catching a few trout, but wasn’t expecting too much because I have never had much luck there from the bank. It wouldn’t be possible to fish from my float tube, seeing how my little fishin’ buddy was taggin’ along.

Made the half-mile walk through the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area and plopped our camp chairs down in the mud on the bank under a light drizzle.

We were able to confirm that a stocking or two of rainbow and brook trout had taken place recently by observing several fellow fishermen pulling in some nice, fat ones. The action was sporadic at best.

We faithfully fished PowerBait about 3ft off the bottom (so as to get the bait up above the weeds) and I tried a black bead-head woolly bugger on my fly rod without any luck.

We didn’t get a single bite, but my son had a great time running back and forth in the mud and hopefully not driving the rest of the folks crazy.

Need to get back there on my float tube soon.

Tight Lines!



  1. Nice report. too bad there were so many people. Looks like you two had fun, thats all that counts :D

  2. Hey Brigham. I know this works out here and maybe in your neck of the woods. I've fished right next to guys using the same rig. Slip sinker, 3' leader, Rainbow Power Bait, and I caught fish and they didn't. My key is using 4# Fluorocarbon for my leader. Maybe that would help. Glad you got your boy out. The next generation of fishermen and practice makes perfect.


  3. Thanks for the report. I haven't been there since high school. Glad to hear you got out there. jcb

  4. Sounds like a fun day even though you didn't catch anything. I can't wait till my boys are old enough to go out fishing with me.

  5. Just found your blog from a link over on Troutrageous1. Those are special times when you can fish with the kids and see that someday they will be sharing their love of the outdoors with others. nice memory makers.

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance and say hello. I'm just next door in Idaho. Will be adding your link to my blogroll.

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments. I have been having computer problems for the last several days, so that's why I haven't been able to publish comments. Hope you all have been able to catch some fish since then.

  7. I appreciated your article. Makes one want to get out and fish. Although fishing here in Arizona in the White Mountains is pretty much limited to ice fishing. I just may have to go. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hello
    Very intersting and fun site to read.
    Best regards
    Runar from Norway

  9. Those can be the best kind of days with our little ones. I fondly remember fishing little ponds with my papa growing up.
    I doubt the other folks were drove crazy by a little one running around in the mud. Watching that sort of activity warms the fishing heart! Especially when the fishing is slow~


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