Blacktail Deer Hunting in Oregon - October 2010

The sun sets on my first day of hunting blacktail deer in Linn County Oregon, 2010.
by nimrod243

I have been out hunting each Saturday of the General Rifle Deer Season here in Western Oregon and I have seen a total of two deer (both does), possibly a third.  I cannot confirm whether the third really was a deer or not because it was too far away and it was getting dark.

That number doesn't include the deer I have seen in town as I have driven out to my hunting area!  I seem to always find them in the darnedest places.   In fact, outside of my hunting area I have seen several deer this season.  They are smart animals and know where they are safe.

Despite the lack of deer, for the most part, I have really enjoyed the time outdoors.  I haven't had the opportunity to hunt deer a whole lot in the last couple of years because I have killed a buck on opening day for the last two years in a row. 

I was not disappointed at all that I didn't get a buck on the first day of the season this year.  In fact, I kept telling myself that if I did see a buck on opening day I would pass it up unless it was a three point (six pointer for those in the eastern U.S.) or better. 

I didn't have that problem.  In fact, now that we are more than half way through the season, I am beginning to wonder if I will fill my tag this year at all.  Believe me, I am going to give it my best shot (wink) and I will no longer consider passing up a two point this year. 

One of my goals this year was to be more observant of all the wildlife around me, not just the deer (though some more deer would definitely be nice). 

I have probably seen around 30-40 quail and some other unidentified birds.  I saw a frog hopping along the ground in a clear cut area full of ferns that I actually took the time to take a picture of.  I believe it was an Oregon Spotted Frog, but I am not sure.

Is this an Oregon Spotted Frog?
I have seen some other interesting things, like several deer skeletons (two that were pretty fresh kills).  My brother saw a big bull elk about 40 yards away from him on opening morning of deer season.  I am sure it was long gone before the local elk season started. 

My brother and I will be hunting elk in the Tioga Unit in Oregon's coast range in November.  We are excited to see how that turns out.

Hopefully after this weekend, I will have some more good photos and and a good buck story to share with you all.  The hunting should get better and better as the rut nears.  I need to remember to take my rattling horns with me and do some rattling.  I think that helped me get my buck back in 2007.

Happy Hunting

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  1. What a gorgeous sunset, great photo. I've read how elusive the black tailed deer can be; sounds like they make for fun, but frustrating hunting :) Good luck out there.

    -Stephanie @ Antlers & Gills


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