One Hook, Two Fish!

by Ashley Davis
Contest entry for Burton Treble Yell Pack.  Contest is now over.  Winner will be announced soon!

One cold, windy day a friend and I determined to go fishing to Chevelon Lake in Arizona. It is a beautiful mountain lake at about 7000ft with a rigorous hike in and out.

We were after big German Brown trout. The weather was perfect for the big browns, windy, snowy, the lake was choppy and we were freezing. We were fishing with Rapalas and had caught a few smaller fish. I was fishing and trying to keep my fingers warm when my friend called my name and asked if I would come help him.

I ignored him thinking that he could do whatever he needed done. Then he called again and I could hear the urgency in his voice and went running to him. He had caught a nice fish on his Rapala and in trying to release the fish as carefully as possible he had managed to get one of the hooks on the lure buried into his finger clear up past the barb.

The fish was wiggling and struggling to get loose and every time it moved the hook worked deeper and deeper into his finger. I immediately released the fish and turned my attention to his finger. He suggested I pull it out with pliers, so I held his finger and pulled as hard as I could and it would not budge. Good hook!

We couldn't cut it off as the point of the hook was still deep in his finger and we couldn't push it through either. We decided to cut the hook out. I used my knife and made a small cut in his finger and then pulled again with the pliers.

The hook came easily out of his finger, and due to the pressure I was exerting to make sure it came out, the hook went straight into my finger clear up past the barb!

Thankfully it came out easily and we were able to continue our fishing adventure.

- Ashley


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