Taking Your Cell Phone To The Fishing Hole

A common problem when fishing is ruining your cell phone with water
damage. It does not take much, and it seems the more expensive the
phone, the more likely it is going to break.

Check out the video below of what repairlaunch's techs did to hype their new iPhone 4S repair services. They decided it would be a good idea to cast the iPhone 4S, while it was on, from the beach into the Atlantic Ocean.

Could it be fixed?

No, the iPhone never again showed an image but they were able to get
it powered up enough to be recognized by iTunes. So, they ended up just
buying a brand new iPhone 4S and frying it in the water moments later.

When a phone gets water damaged, it needs to be turned off
immediately. As long as corrosion is the issue, repairlaunch's techs have a
good chance of fixing the phone. But when left powered on and wet, the
phone is at great risk of being fried. Once the motherboard is fried,
the phone will not function properly, if at all.

If your phone suffers iPhone water damage give these guys a call.

The problem with the new iPhones is that you can't remove the battery easily. You have to take out the back case, which requires a special torx screw.

So, if your iPhone gets water damaged and you can't power it off (and
you think the internal parts are still on), break the back glass and remove the
battery to cut off the power. If you were able to power it off right
away, you should be good.

repairlaunch is a sponsor of My Hunting & Fishing.


  1. Very nice and helpful tips for those who carry such devices while fishing (like me).
    Thanks for the information.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. ¡Pura Vida! ¿Que tal la pesca en Costa Rica?


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