Shooting A Cherrywood Bow

Due to the popularity of one of our first videos, "Shooting A Homemade Bow And Arrow", where my son is shooting a very flimsy stick bow, I decided to make a better, more powerful bow and make another video of me shooting it.

This bow is made out of a young cherry tree branch that was very straight and springy. It has virtually no knots in it, which also made it a good candidate for a bow, in my humble opinion.

I also made the arrow from a branch off of the bush you see behind me in the video. The arrow is pretty darned straight and very light, which helps it fly faster.

I put some electrical tape (because I didn't have duct tape) near the nock to act as the fletching and to help the arrow fly a little straighter.

I still have not attached a good tip to the arrow, but haven't put a lot of thought or effort into it either. I don't want this bow to get too lethal yet anyway. : )

Hope you enjoy this short video. My eight year old son filmed it for me, so sorry it's a little shaky.

Thanks for watching!

Happy Hunting and Tight Lines!
-Brigham Brewer

P.S. To find out how we actually made the bows, please refer to this humorous post

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