Just A Quick Post To Show You We Actually Do Get Out Fishing

My six year old son and I actually did manage to get out and do a little fishing the other day!

The older boy is harder to motivate to get out of the house and away from the video games these days. Sad but true. Of course I still love him though.

This was the first place we went. It is one of the closest fishing holes to home. We didn't get any bites. I think the water is too cold yet. I need a thermometer! We have a lot of snowmelt from the mountains.

The next place we went requires a walk of about 3/4 mile to get to the pond. We both needed the exercise! We stopped on this little boardwalk to take a picture. Thought it was kind of a neat shot even if it is a selfie...

Here is one view from the pond we were fishing. It was a beautiful March afternoon.

And here is a view from where we were fishing. Note the portable outhouse. Very important and scenic.

People were catching some nice sized trout that had been stocked. It was a little slow for us but I did manage to catch my first fish of the year, a 10 inch rainbow trout (sorry, failed to take a photo, major fail indeed). My son was very excited!

I caught the fish on my fly rod just off the bank with a Grizzly Hackled Wooly Worm, a very underrated classic fly pattern in my opinion.


The fly closely resembled the one above.

A kid that was fishing next to us gave us his fish to take home too. So we had two pink-meated trout to take home and clean and throw in the prying pan! They were delicious!

The two fish were so big they had to be cut in half to fit inside a ziplock sandwich bag, haha.

We kept fishing until dark. I had a couple more strikes but, alas, no more fish.

My son's attitude during the whole trip was wonderful. It was one of the most enjoyable trips I have had with him from that standpoint.

You never know when your last fishing trip is going to be so try to enjoy it while you are out there regardless of how many fish you catch!

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