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Back in the day, I could go hours on end hunting or fishing and hardly break a sweat. I could go all day fishing without eating a thing. Looking back, I don't even know how I used to do it. I was just so intent on fishing, I wouldn't even think about it. Now days when I plan a trip I always plan on having enough snacks to comfortably make it through the day. The last thing I want to do now is go all day on an empty stomach, and my waistline shows it! I have tried to be creative about what I pack for snacks. One of the biggest challenges always seems to be packing things that will give me energy but are at least somewhat healthy as well. I learned this lesson well last year when I ate about a pound of summer sausage right before shooting a deer and having a heck of a time pulling him back up the hill to the truck. To a certain degree I blame the nausea and dizzying lack of energy on the poor choice of sustenance. Please understand... by no means am I suggesting there is anything wrong with summer sausage, but the saying, "all things in moderation" comes to mind. In other words, eating a pound of summer sausage and nothing else probably isn't a great idea just before indulging in the kind of extreme physical exertion that one can experience when dragging a deer up a 45 degree slope! So, I have vowed to hit the gym before hunting season this year and try to eat a little better before and during hunting season. I have come across some great ideas for more healthy snacks. The one I would like to describe is Pineapple Jerky which can be readily purchased and shipped by my friends at I wasn't exactly sure what Pineapple Jerky was. I assumed it would be beef jerky marinated in some kind of pineapple concoction. I was wrong, and delightfully surprised to see that my sample of Pineapple Jerky was a round slice of dried pineapple. I opened up the package and took a bite. It was very sweet and full of the natural flavor of a tropical pineapple. And there was no guilt associated with my consumption of the treat, or the next slice, or, even the next slice after that. Having spent a considerable amount of time in a tropical country and eaten freshly sliced pineapple on several occasions, eating the Pineapple Jerky took me back to those days on the warm beaches in Nicaragua where I unabashedly dined on juicy slices of the wholesome natural goodness contained in slices of fresh pineapple, skillfully hacked open with a big machete by one of the locals. Now, I mentioned that I wanted to eat more healthy foods and offers a variety of beef, venison, elk, buffalo and Pineapple Jerky and other delicious products that make great choices for your eating pleasure. You can taste the natural goodness in the Pineapple Jerky. It is almost like candy, but I know it is much more healthy than any kind of pineapple candy. The only two ingredients contained in the product are very easy to pronounce, which tells me that there are no preservatives or other "gobbly-goop" that we really don't want in our food. The two ingredients are... pineapple and honey! Yes, honey! That may have something to do with the sweetness of the flower-like fruit snack. And, of course, us second amendment, gun toting patriots should love the fact that the Pineapple Jerky as well as the rest of the products offered at the on-line jerky store are U.S. made. That's right, "Proudly Made and Packaged in the U.S.A." So, may I suggest you take a gander at what they have to offer. Get yourself some delicious and wholesome snacks to stuff into your backpack or fanny pack for your next trip to the lake, river, field or mountains. And as always, happy hunting and tight lines - nimrod243

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