Elk Hunting Oregon's Coast Range

Saturday was the season opener for the first coastal elk season here in Oregon. We decided at the last minute to buy our elk tags and go try to find a bull near Alsea, Oregon.

We didn't see any elk but the scenery was absolutely beautiful. We covered lots of ground and saw 4-5 deer. We felt that the beautiful scenery and seeing the deer was reason enough to have gone. Unfortunately I don't have any more time to hunt elk this year, due to work. We'll have to plan a little better for next year.

Happy Hunting! -nimrod243

So, we didn't get an elk that day. Read about an elk hunter that killed a massive bull with a bow in 2011: Bow Hunting Southern Oregon's Roosevelt Elk

Brush up on your elk hunting knowledge and skills!



  1. Great report and photos, an enjoyable read all round. Nice to see you posting again
    I love fishing and your blog is fabulous and great and very informative for who intrusting in fishing. I really enjoy your posts keep it up and I am waiting for more pictures keep it up and thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved your story and the photos. I know what it is like to hunt hard and not see elk. But isn't great to be in the outdoors. I've hunted elk a lot in New Mexico and Colorado ... but have always wanted to hunt in Oregon.


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