Kokanee Fishing at Green Peter

On April 30th we stayed at the Sunnyside Campground east of Foster Reservoir and fished Friday and Saturday at Green Peter Reservoir for some Kokanee. We were fishing from my brother’s drift boat, powered by an electric trolling motor. We rigged up our spinning rods with some Luhr Jensen/Les Davis flashers, a “rubber snubber” and a red wedding ring spinner (Mack’s Kokanee Killer) topped with two or three kernels of Pautzke Bait Co. Fire Corn. And this was our reward!

We caught about 12 kokanee and three rainbows in a day and a half of fishing. It was our first kokanee fishing trip in a long time. We had a great time. And those were some great eating fish. Read about other Good Times at Green Peter.

          It was a cold day, so I figured I better get warmed up!

Yes, I realize I am running like a ninny, but it is because I was very cold and stiff after a long day out on the lake.

Thanks for Visiting! Tight Lines!



  1. Nothing like a little cardio trot to warm up the body. Nice stringer of fish.


  2. I gotta' hand it to ya', that is one way to stay loose after a tough day of catching fish. I know somebody had to do it! Nice fish.


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