Tips for Coyote Hunting by Justin Richardson

To be successful at coyote hunting you will need to stay a step ahead. Coyote are very clever and fast creatures. You'll have to be smarter and quicker or they will hear and smell you approaching every time.

You will need to hide your scent as this is one of the first things that will bring your presence to their attention. Their very strong sense of smell will alert them to your presence before you even realize it. Camouflage yourself properly. Stay close to the trees and foliage. Make yourself unseen and hidden out of view. Move as little as possible. Movement will bring attention to your hiding spot. The coyote will detect you and be gone before you even realize it are there.

Use callers correctly to the animal. If you call too loudly it will be obvious to the prey that you are a threat. Keep it to a medium level and do not call excessively. Give the coyote time to respond and acknowledge that you are there.

It may take some time but when you do get a response then you know the coyotes are nearby. You can learn to call by using your mouth but most prefer to use a calling device to get that perfect sound.

You might try using life-sized decoys. Decoys take the attention away from the hunter.

Another good way to help with your hunting is to use dogs. If you have the right type of hunting dog, they can be a great help. Certain breeds breeds can be trained to assist you with this type of hunt. Realize, though, that not all dogs can be used. You must source the right type and breed of dog for this to be a success.

Choosing the right equipment is essential and you should spend time picking the right gun. It need it to be lightweight, yet effective. Proper clothing will keep you dry and warm. You might be out there for hours. If you are hunting at night then night goggles are essential to help you to see. Hunting at night is for the more experienced hunter as it is far more difficult. Once you have mastered the day time hunting then it can be exciting to go on a night time hunt.

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