Member OregonPaul Wins $20 Cabela's Gift Card

Last month we announced that the most active member of (our other site) would win a $20 Cabela's Gift Card every month. Our first winner was Jeremy Scott.

In the Month of March, OregonPaul has shared a whole lot of photos of his trips into Oregon's high country. He has also mentioned his plans to do a little research this summer about a certain large bi-pedal creature that is rumored to frequent the area!

We really appreciate OregonPaul's participation this month. Keep up the good work! We'll be getting in contact with you to ask you how you would like your $20 Cabela's Gift Card delivered. Or you can just comment at the bottom of this post - eGiftCard or Traditional?

Again, Jeremy Scott was quite active on the site, with comments on other people's posts. He also hinted about his plans to share some trail-cam pics. Thank you, Jeremy! Your participation is always appreciated.

S-Man Pens and Antlers made several posts as well. He is buying guns left and right. Now all we need is a zombie apocalypse to put them to use! ; ) Thanks, sir!

Now, everyone else, get over to and get to sharing about your hunting and fishing exploits, or other outdoor experiences, for a chance to win April's $20 Cabela's Gift Card prize!

Until then, Tight Lines and Happy Hunting!

Brigham Brewer


  1. Great going all the best to all participants.

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