Field Optics BinoPod Harness and Pack System

Here is a two minute video of a great new system for making glassing in the field more comfortable and productive.

The more you can reduce the amount of fatigue from holding up your binoculars the more you will be able to glass and spot game. 

The more steady you can keep your binoculars the better you will be able to identify your quarry.

The BinoPod Harness and Pack System is available at Sportsman's Warehouse now and should be available at Cabela's soon!

Keep your eyes open for this exciting product!

-Brigham Brewer


  1. THis is so informative. Thank you so much for this one. :)

  2. Totally amazing product.
    I will buy it.

  3. I love fishing and your blog is fabulous and great and very informative for who intrusting in fishing and i really like this and videos are awesome.its amazing and great work and help full for every one who visit this .Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post. Keep sharing information and videos like this.


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